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Entrepreneur’s Business Mentor with 4 Decades of Out-of-the-Box Business Building Wisdom

Entrepreneur’s Business Mentor with 4 Decades of Out-of-the-Box Business Building Wisdom

Debbie Allen grew up learning how to run businesses from a very young age. She invested in her family’s car rental and mini-storage business at age 19. A decade later, she left the family business to venture out on her own. 

Next she purchased a fledged retail clothing store. And within just two years she had turned around the losing business 10Xs over to a multi-million dollar business and multiple locations … making her a self-made millionaire by age 32. 

Due to the fast business growth and quick turnaround she was recognized by the National Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious Blue Chip Enterprise Award for overcoming business obstacles and achieving fast growth. 

After growing multiple retail locations, Debbie sold her businesses and became a full time professional speaker and business consultant focusing on marketing, sales and business growth. 

She quickly demonstrated her ability to capture and hold audience members’ attention, and was honored with the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speaker Association. Since then she has presented in 28 countries around the world and authored 10 best selling books including The Highly Paid Expert, Success Is Easy and Expert Positioning. 

Debbie has four decades of “in the trenches” entrepreneurial wisdom and business building experience. She understands the dynamics of business reinvention to start ups. And has since built and sold multiple million dollar companies in diverse industries. 

Her own business experience, along with 25 years experience as a professional speaker, allows her to quickly relate to the unique needs of entrepreneurs in diverse industries. She has the ability to quickly think on her feet and respond to business problems and challenges with amazing insight, out-of-the-box marketing strategies and proven results. 

As a business consultant Debbie works one-on-one and in small groups to naturally gauge how and where to take a business for expansion, increased sales and fast growth with her innovative expert positioning. 

Debbie’s decades of business experience and innate business skills allow her to see beyond simple solutions, to visualize outcomes and results far into the future. She then lays out a path and a proven process for her clients to follow to ensure they achieve success. 

She also has the innate ability to quickly relate to other entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, coaches, consultants and experts in diverse industries. And she understands different types of business mindsets which enables her to tap into each individual’s success potential … as she guides them towards a deeper understanding and a step-by-step path to success. 

Her expertise has been featured in numerous motivational movies, dozens of national and international publications, along with syndicated radio shows and podcasts.

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