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As one of the world’s top motivational business speakers, Debbie Allen, CSP Certified Speaking Professional has a way of inspiring new possibilities in the minds and hearts of audiences worldwide. Her brilliant business insight and decades of business building experience inspires others to take big leaps towards business growth and positive change. She shares innovative sales and marketing strategies with a no-nonsense, fun and engaging style. 

Debbie Allen'sClients Include

“Debbie Allen is what your keynote dreams are made of! More than any speaker I’ve ever worked with, Debbie was dedicated to making her presentation exactly what we were needing. Our attendees raved about her presentation the entire weekend! If you want a speaker to help your company convey a message in a powerful way, Debbie is the speaker for you.”
— Lauren Andrews, Events Manager, Breakthrough PT Marketing
"Debbie Allen is one of America's greatest business speakers!"
— Matthew MaNashes, President, National Paddle Sports Association
"Debbie is a real pro! She went above and beyond the call of duty by doing onsite research to learn more about our industry before her keynote presentation. She then tailored her presentation to fit the needs of our organization and our clients perfectly. I highly recommend her!"
— Rhonda McCarthy, Conference Chair, On Rite Hair Loss
"Debbie's energetic and informative keynote presentation had our sales audience hanging on her every word. She was a HUGE hit with our attendees!"
— Laura Oien, President, Tom Hopkins International
"The feedback from our attendees was outstanding! Debbie Allen was the BEST keynote speaker we have had in the past 10 years. Her energy and style were first class and the content perfect."
— Becky Naugle, Conference Chair, University of Kentucky Business Conference
"Debbie is incredibly organized, professional and best of all nice to work with. I especially appreciated her extra efforts during the planning stages by offering great advice and support to our suggestions. She went the extra-mile while consulting with our suppliers and interviewing our best customers."
— Mary Wruck, Director of Marketing, MacPherson's Artcraft

Presentations for

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance to Close More Prospects with Authenticity and Ease

Overcoming sales call reluctance can be challenging without effective sales training and the right mindset. On this insightful presentation you will uncover a proven sales call process and learn how to overcome sales call objections while serving your prospects at the same time. 

Even if you’ve had years of sales training, this emotional-based sales training is guaranteed to give you new insight and an easy approach to easily close more sales without feeling pushy or intrusive. 

With Debbie’s Proven Sales Strategies, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Understand your sales fears. Discover what may be holding you back and causing feelings of reluctance.
  • Shift your mindset around selling. Go from feeling intimidated or stressed, to excited and supportive while helping prospects solve problems and achieve their goals. 
  • Practice active listening. Learn how to ask open-ended questions that allows your prospect to move towards the closing offer by themselves. 
  • Overcome sales call reluctance. Overcome the fear of asking for the sale by coming from a place of service even after the prospect initiates objections and excuses for not buying. 
Are You Holding Yourself Back From Closing More Prospect Sales Calls? If so, Let's Change That...
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SELL Big and SERVICE Bigger

Unlock the secrets to lifelong customer loyalty and increased sales. Are you struggling to convert prospects into loyal customers or feeling pushy or intrusive in your sales approach? If so, it’s time to revolutionize the way you sell and serve your customers.

In our groundbreaking presentation you will learn how to master the art of selling while building trust, and forging lifelong connections with your customers. Discover the power of listening, education-based selling, and VIP customer service.

With Debbie’s Proven Strategies, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Transform prospects into hot buyers with instant rapport and genuine connections.
  • Sell from a place of service, embracing core values of honesty, integrity, and consistent follow-up.
  • Boost sales confidence by authentically connecting with your customers and coming from a place of service.
  • Win over customers for life, exceeding their expectations every step of the way
Ready to elevate your company’s sales and customer service game?
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Expert Market Positioning™ to Accelerate Business Growth and Increase Sales

Do you snuggle to communicate your company’s value and uniqueness to prospects? This innovative marketing presentation will show you exactly how to position your business as an industry leader and authority in your industry. Discover how to stand out from your competition as the go-to expert in your industry.

Expert Market Positioning ™ allows you to quickly accelerate income-generating opportunities as you gain more high-value customers, business referrals and sales. You will walk away from this innovative marketing presentation with proven and time-tested strategies that you can implement in your business right away.

With Debbie’s Insightful Strategies, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Make a powerful impact by positioning yourself, your business, and your brand for a higher level of success.
  • Gain more high-end customers with ease by improving your value-driven marketing message.
  • Accelerate your income-generating opportunities by up-leveling-up your market and brand positioning.
  • Attract high end consumers by establishing your authority and credibility.
Ready to use the skill of speaking to sell more? 
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Presentation and Communication Skills That Persuade, Influence and Sell

Discover how to master the art of public speaking and communication to increase sales. Inspire others to invest with you on the spot by positioning yourself as an authority on the topic. Communicate and persuade effectively by communicationg to the three main buying types.

Professional presentation skills allow you to utilize valuable techniques as you showcase your expertise and boost your authority with memorable, impactful and persuasive communication that get results.

With Debbie’s Insightful Strategies, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Speak to Sell with an inspiring and persuasive presentation that showcases your expertise.
  • Turn any audience into warm prospects and hot buyers.
  • Appeal to the 3 main types of buyers to close more sales with ease.
  • Create impactful and motivational stories with the amazing art of story telling.
READY TO Learn the skill of public speaking and communication to easily connect with more prospects?
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Presentations for

Business Growth and Success Mindset

How To Develop Quality Relationships and Partnerships For Business Growth

Discover how successful relationship marketing will open up many doors of opportunity, and dramatically grow your business income. Building successful joint venture partnerships or business alliances help grow your following as brand ambassadors.

Developing strategic business partnerships is one of the most important ways to grow and expand a business. Business relationship marketing creates trusted direct customer referrals to grow your following.

With Debbie’s Business Insight, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Gain a quick ROI from both business partnerships and loyal customers.
  • Easily turn new prospects into loyal customers with direct business referrals from trusted advisors.
  • Cut your sales curve by turning business partners into ongoing brand ambassadors for your business.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other businesses to encourage mutually beneficial success.
Ready to build quality business relationships to gain more loyal customers?
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Accelerate Business Growth with a Winning Success Mindset

There is no reason why success needs to be thought of as hard or unachievable. Most of us where simply not taught that success can actually be easier than failure. Uncover the secrets to tapping into a winning mindset that allows you to move outside of ‘Limitation & Excuse Zones’ to become more confident and focused no matter what obstacle or challenge is thrown at you.

Success is not a one size fits all… and it’s not defined by others. Success is defined by being true to yourself and your core values that allow you to create success on your own terms. Learn how taking ownership of your own success means taking full responsibility for your beliefs and your actions.

With Debbie’s Business Insight, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Quickly identify business growth opportunities to taking bold and confident action.
  • Create more success within your organization with a winning mindset instilled throughout your team.
  • Grow your business consistently through the five defining stages of growth.
  • Gain a success-driven vision that dramatically accelerates your personal and professional growth.
Ready to create a winning success mindset throughout your organization?
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"It is always a pleasure working with Debbie. Her professionalism and willingness to invest research time to customize seminars to our industry was very much appreciated. Her presentations are always perfect for our audience. We book her to come back year after year!"
— Tracy Beaulieu, Conference Manger, International Pool & Spa
"Debbie Allen always gives a dynamic presentation and WOWS audiences at my own mortgage events and also those of my bureau clients. Every time we work together (and that is often) she receives raving testimonials from my clients. She is a real PRO and I look forward to working with her for years to come."
— Karen Deis, President of Mortgage Speakers Bureau
"I can name 100 executives who would have paid $1,000 to listen to Debbie Allen speak for another 2 hours!"
— John Kalogerakis, President of JMK Consultants, Athens, Greece
"My loan officers remain energized and focused due to Debbie's dynamic presentation. She also took the time to give special one-on-one attention that made her impact that much stronger."
— James Purtell, CEO Mortgage Financial, Inc.
"I loved Debbie's speaking style! I just spoke to several of my customers and they were so excited and motivated by her presentation. One customer told me she thought it was the best seminar she had ever attended. She has great energy and a wonderful humor!"
— Sharon Lavachia, Meeting Manager, Avecia Pool & Spa Products
"Debbie's amazing support of our organization was greatly appreciated. She was a big reason our conference was the largest and best ever. We look forward to working with you again."
— Christopher Fielder, Conference Chair, National Assn. of Equipment Leasing Brokers
"It was a wonderful experience working with Debbie Allen. Even after the seminar was over, she took the time to brainstorm with us on how we improve our marketing and seminar attendance. We greatly appreciate her professionalism, positive attitude, enthusiastic commitment and willingness to share. We look forward to establishing a long-term collaboration with Debbie!"
— Delphine Ang, Partners Conference & Event Management of Singapore
"Debbie's keynote presentation helped to make our convention a huge success! In fact, it was voted one of our best conventions yet, and Debbie's sparkling personality certainly had a lot to do with it! Her dynamic presentation style, wealth of wisdom and enthusiasm for our industry made for a winning combination."
— Paul Vonk, Conference Chair Green Industry Council of South Africa
"Debbie's presentation was extremely well received by our membership. I asked her to speak because she was outside of our industry and could add a new spin to some of our member's marketing. I saw an immediate improvement in the energy and promotional style of our members. The change was wonderful and it showcased Debbie's immediate impact on our audience!"
— Bob Coates, Meeting Chair, Professional Photographers Association
"What impressed me most about working with Debbie Allen was how she made every effort to greet and talk to as many of our customers as possible prior to her presentations. The value in those moments that she shared with our customers showed her true passion for helping others achieve success. Our customers gained practical information that they could apply instantly along with the courage and motivation necessary to look at their business from the outside in. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm, sense of humor, positive attitude and contagious optimism that Debbie brought to each one of our eight training workshops."
— Vincent DiFurio, Training Manager, Arch Chemical Pool & Spa Water Products
"Debbie's keynote met with resounding admiration from the hundreds of attendees. They offered such positive feedback about the quality of the education she provided and demanded that we ask her to come back and speak again."
— Margaret O'Neal, Director of Education, Penn Landscape & Nursery Conference
"Debbie's presentations at our conference were a BIG HIT! Her seminars were packed with standing room only. Those attending used words to describe her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for business as … Exception! Perfect! Excellent! Creative! Inspiring! Informative! Entertaining!"
— Steve Jacoby, Conference Chair ASBDC Annual Conference

Speaker Bio

for Debbie Allen, CSP

Debbie Allen, Certified Speaking Professional, is one of the top professional business speakers. She has been a professional speaker for over 25 years and presented before thousands of people in 28 countries. She speaks for a diverse group of franchises, direct sales, associations and diverse business conferences worldwide.

As a professional speaker, Debbie instantly connects with audiences using her motivational, no-nonsense and humorous presentation style. She shares decades of entrepreneurial wisdom, insightful business intuition and innovative sales and marketing strategies.

Debbie is also a featured VIP contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and other media outlets. She is a bestselling author of 10 books, including Skyrocketing Sales, Success Is Easy, The Highly Paid Expert and Expert Positioning.

Ready to book a motivational business speaker who guarantees to make a lasting impact with your audience? 
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