Debbie Allen'sHighly Paid Expert AcademyOnline Training Program

Uncover Debbie Allen’s innovative marketing strategies to building and growing a Highly Paid Expert Business model. This online course is Debbie’s most comprehensive DIY training for developing your own expert business with a proven step-by-step action guide.
Highly Paid Expert Online Academy Includes:
  • Instant Access to Complete Online Course
  • 12 Video Training Modules with Action Steps
  • Valuable Resources to Build Your Expert Business
  • Bonus Videos From Debbie’s Signature Event, The Highly Paid Expert Workshop
Inside the 12-Part Video Training Highly Paid Expert Academy You Will Learn How To:
  • Develop and Launch Your Expert Business Model
  • Create Your Expert Branding & Business Name
  • Develop Your Vision and Focus for Success
  • Attract Ideal Clients with an Expert Brand
  • Price Your Coaching/Consulting Packages
  • Create a Quick Cash Formula Offer
  • Develop Multiple Income Streams Around Your Knowledge, Experience and Expertise
  • Implement the Right Action Steps to Build Your Expert Business Step-by-Step
  • Build Your Expert Website Step-by-Step
  • Grow Your Following with a Website Opt-In
  • Develop Speaking and Marketing Skills to Get Booked to Speak and Sell
  • Complete Your 1-Page Business Plan for Annual Income and Multiple Income Streams
  • Bonus Videos: Live Highly Paid Expert Workshop Footage and Experts Panel

Highly Paid Expert Academy Online Training Program

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